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Career As A Travel Agent Essay

819 words - 4 pages

A Career as a Travel Agent

Contents page

1. Introduction
1.1 Definition & Description
1.2 Aims

2. Discussion
2.1 History
2.2 Qualification/ Skills/ Requirements
2.3 Salary
2.4 Prospects

3. Conclusion

4. Recommendations


1. Introduction
1.1 definition and description
A Travel consultant is a person that arranges travel packages on behave of other people witch can include, flights, insurance, accommodation, tours and transfers. Most travel consultants usually have experienced many holidays domestically or internationally. Therefore being able to over information on what are good places to stay, what are the best tours, favourite places to eat and good places for shopping. Most travel consultants have had experience in staying at various accommodation levels from budget, middle 5-star to luxury.

1.2 Description
A travel agent can be expected to offer some or all the following;
- Arrange flights
-Arrange insurance
-Compare cheap flights, hotel deals and car rentals
- Helps arrange passports and Visa’s
- Can offer international or domestic contacts
- Recommendation on vaccinations
Other job duties of a travel agent are;
- using computers and booking systems
- advising and keeping clients up to date on travel arrangements and warnings
- collecting payments
- dealing with complaints or refunds

1.3 Aim
In today’s job climate I am looking at what jobs are available and their kind of training and qualifications are required in being a travel consultant.
The aim of this report is to share current information on what a travel consultant dose, what qualification are needed, the description, definition, prospects, history and the salary.

2. discussion
2.1 history
Travel agents first originated from the united states, Cox & amp where the very first travel agency to open, they where a bank that then turned into a travel agency, that puts it at 255 years since they opened, they didn’t open to all the public only just to the more weather people that use the bank and wanted to travel.
After the World War II they brought out cheap holiday packages for family so that’s when it started to grown more and more. American society of travel ages is the biggest travel agency in the world they started an American steamship and tourism agent association in 1931 that then took people all over seas it has been one of the primary watch dogs ever since.



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