Career Critique: Comparing Urban Planners And Biomedical Engineers

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Career Critique

There are many different careers available in the world, ranging over a variety of different branches, subjects, and groups. Certain careers may interest certain people while others do not even show the most remote interest in them because different aspects of the careers appeal more to some people than others. In spite of their differences, all careers are essential to the function of today’s society as we know it. I have decided to do in depth research on two specific careers, urban planners and biomedical engineers.

Urban planning is an interesting job that is necessary for the function of almost all modern communities. Urban planners work most often for local ...view middle of the document...

As far as career advancement goes, urban planners often work in teams and can move from aid to leader as projects vary and are completed (“Urban and Regional Planners.”). I think that I would enjoy this career because I would like to be able to actually see the products of my work and have the ability to create and facilitate something that would have a fairly large impact on the community, hopefully in a beneficial way. However, aspects such as extensive paperwork, complex legal procedures, and tight deadlines do not really appeal to me.

Biomedical engineering is a career that has been especially fascinating to me as of late. Biomedical engineers analyze information and data to find solutions to problems in the medical world and to develop new things to help medical personnel be more effective. Different engineers cover a wide variety of things ranging from developing things such as new medical machinery and artificial organs to training personnel in using their machinery to evaluating and improving current medical equipment. It is growing at an incredibly fast rate, with a projected twenty-seven percent increase in jobs between 2012 and 2022, far above the national average of an eleven percent increase. They make plenty of money as well, with a national median pay of $86,960 (“Biomedical Engineers.”). Some necessary skill areas for a person to do well in to function well in this job include critical thinking, science, complex problem solving, and decision making (“Explore Careers :: Biomedical Engineers.”). Biomedical engineers generally work full time and sometimes have to extend their hours to complete work or meet the needs of others. It is a full time job, and they can work in a range of settings including laboratories, universities, hospitals, factories, and even government agencies. There are also a variety of fields that can be worked on within the scope of biomedical engineering including chemical, prosthetic, and procedural (“Biomedical Engineers.”). This career really interests me because I would enjoy the critical thinking and problem solving required. I would also like testing and developing things that could have a profound effect on peoples’ lives. The only thing that doesn’t really appeal to me is the fact that there would have...

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