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Career Descriptions State Police Officer, Chef, Lawyer

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Job one: Police Officer -state1. Police officer for the state government2. Main tasks involved include:- Undertake community policing activities- Patrol assigned areas- Apprehend law breakers- Investigate criminal offences- Guard prisoners- Undertake random breath tests on drivers- Make secure sense of crimes and accidents3. Personal requirements needed include:- Interested in helping people- Able to stay calm in difficult situations- Honest and reliable- Willing to accept responsibility- social maturity- Physically and medically fit- A degree mental toughness4. No physical requirements5. Educational standard:- Pass year 12 have a score of 66 UAI or higher- Passed physical and criminal history tests- Passed medical suitability and basic examinations6. Further study includes:- Diploma of policing studies 3 year course- Bachelor of justice studies 3 year course7. The Starting salary of a state police officer is 43 thousand a year but also can increase a great deal from over time work, public holidays and weekend work.10. It would affect my life style by:- Its shift work, which involves weekend and public holidays, no detail in when you have to work and how long- Shifts can include shift anywhere around the state, makes you moving a lot, don't know where your going to be or how long.Job two: Lawyer1. Lawyer2. Main tasks involved include:- Provide advice- Write documents and conduct negotiation on legal matters- Represent clients- Deal with property probate- Workers compensation- Family law- Commercial or criminal law3. Personal qualities required:- Good oral and written communication skills- Able to understand, analyse and use facts quickly and logically- Able to work under pressure and deal with variety of people- Integrity and good character4. No physical requirements needed5....

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856 words - 4 pages . My dream job is to become a Police Officer that will give me a challenging career, a job with good salary and an opportunity to serve my community. A Police Officer’s job is very demanding and challenging because it is a roller-coaster of high and low emotions. Some consider a Police Officer’s job as a death wish because this job is filled with many dangers. The duty of a police officer is to enforce the statutes, laws and regulations that are

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1777 words - 7 pages occupations that involve privileged communications. In Holden v. Police Bd. of Chicago, an Illinois appellate court upheld the year long suspension of a police officer for failing to inform the department of the criminal activity of a client of his law practice. The client, an alderman, had made the officer aware of the criminal activity in the officer’s role as his attorney under lawyer-client privilege. In allowing himself to become aware of

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1962 words - 8 pages officer have been crafted as a result of numerous television shows and movies. They are often portrayed as heroic, invincible, and possessors of brute strength. While some of these physical attributes are in fact expected and required of police officers, they are not the only ones and at times, may come secondary to alternative methods, such as the use of strong communication and critical thinking skills. Policing has changed immensely since

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1003 words - 4 pages dangerous to the officers themselves, or the other people that they have assisted.The required characteristics for the career of a police officer are quite demanding, both physically and mentally. An officer must be incredibly stable mentally to be able to cope with the multiple negative facets of the job that occur daily. An officer must also be able to pass an agility test. The test involves running a mile in less than eight minutes, therefore being

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2409 words - 10 pages it changes your normal routines. It changes how you carry yourself compared to when you were a citizen or a first year officer. Lieutenant Harris believes, while you are a citizen you can blend in better as a civilian. He realize, it is difficult for an officer to turn the switch from being a citizen to a police officer. He continued to state, Hattiesburg Police Department’s image has recently put more mental pressure on all officers. The

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1840 words - 7 pages in our moral and ethical beliefs. Not so for the persons who chose a career in the Criminal Justice system. Weather a Police officer on the beat in, or a newly sworn Lawyer, or perhaps the Corrections officer. Now all these areas of the Criminal Justice system come with a great deal of reasonability. These jobs are not for everyone, there is a multitude of tests and back ground checks one must go through before being considered for placement

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539 words - 2 pages usually offer retirement plans and eventually retirement after only twenty to twenty-five years of service, with half pay as a pension. This gives the officer plenty of time to consider a second career. Retired police usually work as security guards or other low-profile jobs for a long time. After retirement, a police officer usually has peaceful time knowing that he once helped keep crime off the street (Phifer 280-281). There are many related jobs

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