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Career Development Plan:Performance And Career Management

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Career Development Plan: Performance and Career ManagementTo: Sales TeamFrom: HRRe: Performance and career management.Helping all of you develop your career is an investment in both you and in the future of InterClean. By helping you hone your skills, we strengthen InterClean as a company. We make the decision to hire based on your potential to succeed, and we help you achieve that potential. The wish of InterClean is to supplement the workforce with capable individuals operating at their optimum level in order to increase profits. We believe that all of you wish to earn a satisfactory income and to experience the feeling that you are contributing member of this company. The demand of both InterClean and all of you as employees are more readily achieved if all sales team members clearly outlines his/her plan of achieving them to the sales team manager. In the next months, all of you will be working with your manager to create an individual development plan. The sales manager will collaborate with each sales team member to help you identify the tools you need to grow professionally through on-the-job experiences, your co-workers, and coursework. Individual career development plans incorporate your career and personal goals and motivations, your strengths, and your development needs to create an action plan tailored to you.As part of the career development plan, each team member performance will be evaluated through appraisals. Each employee will be evaluated twice each quarter. The two appraisals consist of an individual appraisal and a team appraisal, where their contribution to the overall success of the sales team will be evaluated. Each sales team member will meet with the evaluator to discuss their overall rating, including their strength and weaknesses. During these meetings, you as the employee can expect the following from your evaluator:1.Proactively: managers are available to discuss performance with you at any time.2.Feedback: Managers will be as clear as possible when providing feedback. Managers will give you specific examples to illustrate their point whether it is positive or negative feedback. You, as the employee, can expect two types of feedback motivational and formative.Motivational feedback tells the employee what he or she did well. Encouraging the employee reinforces a good performance and increases the likelihood that it will be repeated. Motivational feedback builds confidence.Formative feedback tells the employee what could be done better the next time, helping to shape the...

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