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1.0IntroductionFrom the individual's perspective, career development strategy focuses on the effectiveness of organizations to help individuals clarify and then pursue personal goals in the company and across given labor markets .From a company perspective, however, the development of organizational strategy to successfully deal with both sets of needs is critical to ensure the recruitment and retention of critical human resources. In this sense, organizational career development focuses on meeting the company's goals while individual career development focuses on meeting individual needs.In this assignment, Firstly, I will talk on Schein's career development model; Secondly, I will try to ...view middle of the document...

In the high-tech industry, the shift from basic project management responsibilities to ownership of more complex projects represents the same dynamics. The essence of this type of promotion is an increase in complexity or challenge of assignment as opposed to a shift in hierarchical status. The benefit of such a move from a career perspective is the added exposure that such responsibilities provided to the individuals.3. Circumferential movementSchein's third type of promotional movement is subtler and has more to do with the induction of employees into the power structure and decision processes of the organization. Schein refers to this third process as Circumferential in that it focuses on the movement of individuals from the outer circle of the "inner circle" of those formulating strategy and calling the shots. Such promotional moves are subtle, generally involving increasing opportunities to attend meetings where organizational strategy is discussed and decisions are formulated. Movement up the "power ladder" in this sense can happen at any stage in an individual's career. However, career development falling into this category generally involves an individual's identification by one or more of the organization's senior manager as someone with high potential. Increasing invitations to attend both formal and informal meetings of the organization's strategic decision-makers and additional access to sensitive information about the firm's directions and strategy are additional elements of this form of promotion. Again, movements like those indicated here are generally precursors to the more traditional sense of promotion. Even without new titles and increased rank however, career dynamics that enable increased understanding of the strategic dimensions of the company's dynamics represent significant shifts in an individuals career prospects.3.0Today's Organizations EnvironmentToday's organizations worldwide are confronting more turbulent market, more demanding shareholders, and more discerning customers, and many are restructuring to meet such challenges. Change is always happening, like a river winding its way to the ocean; it never ceases. Continues and overlapping change has become a way of life in the corporate environment. Leaders who want to get ahead in today's marketplace must learn to respond to a growing number of changes in how they structure companies, conduct business, implement technology, and relate to customers and employees. The view of careers appears to be very different depending on whether the perspective of the research is from the point of view of the individual orthe organization. To successfully implement major change, company must find the connection between the organizations, the worker, and the change initiatives being introduced. That connection is fostering resilience among individuals in the organizations.3.1"Gold Collar" Workers in Today's OrganizationsThe term "Gold Collar" Worker has been used for many years, but...

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