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Career Development And Setting Goals Essay

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Career development goes beyond merely landing a job in the corporate world. Rather, it focuses on implementing dynamic strategies that will foster continuous personal improvement. Several strategies must be employed ranging from personal enhancements to inter-personal tactics.

Personal career goal setting is a fundamental step in career development. Putting the end in mind first is elemental in setting one’s course and achieving success. They provide both the motivation as well as a meaning for every step I take. However, writing career goals is more than just scribbling hopes and dreams on a piece of paper. Goal setting is a systematic step that requires one to clearly define what one endeavors to achieve. Of course there are numerous resources that teach how to make an effective goal. But all can be distilled into simple reminders: make your goals realistic but challenging, time-bound, measurable and most importantly, it must be imbibed. With these simple guidelines anyone can start trudging and exploring his road to success. Writing down one’s career goal requires only a fraction of your time. But the rewards of this low-risk time investment can bewilder anyone.

As such, the fundamental challenge that I have to face is to set the keel of my ship towards the direction I want to go. There are no magic maps, no surefire short cuts, only goals that I set to achieve. Whether it is taking the next step in the corporate ladder or merely choosing which ladder to climb, finding one’s initial step is essential. With my career goals as my compass, I start my journey towards success.

There is a sea of opportunities out there. However, it is a huge world full of uncertainties. Even though there is a template to which I anchor my every move, career development is still work-intensive. Finding a job seems to be a logical place to start any career advancement quest. But the fundamental question is how to do it effectively. It is true that many companies advertise their job vacancies, but there are many that don’t. As such, expanding one’s personal network is imperative in order to get a career jumpstart. Moreover, letting everyone know you’re in the market it important. From social networks to family gathering, make it known that you can provide your expertise and experience – no matter how extensive or limited they may be. Simply put, if the world does not know you exist the world will not even start to look for you. It comes with different. This generation has it easy. Through technology, one can easily upload profiles, resume and even portfolios. Furthermore, through social networking sites, groups, forums anyone can easily put one’s self “on the grid” so to speak.

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