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IntroductionInterClean has merged with EnviroTech and, as a result, has taken on a new strategic direction. The industry has evolved into providing the best solutions and services to customers to make cleaning efforts efficient with stringent requirements and environmental safety. InterClean/EnviroTech's future success is dependent on the ability to provide solutions to our customers. Customers, especially in the healthcare industry, are looking for solutions that include product training for employees, regular monitoring and info-sharing of new relevant regulations. A job analysis and new sales team has been developed to help succeed with the company's new strategy.Job AnalysisJob analysis describes the behavioral requirements of job positions. Current and future candidates need to have a complete understanding of what duties are expected InterClean/EnviroTech.Sales and management duties include and are not limited to:Maintains the knowledgeable about the company's productsExperienced in implementing, enforcing and adhering to all OSHA standards in cleaning products and services hereinAn understanding of the legal, safety, ethical and regulatory issues affecting sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settingsCustomer service - Ability to develop customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems including products and processes that will meet the clients' needs or desiresParticipates and suggests development goals for operating objectives for the unit; implements, recommends, and administers methods and procedures to enhance operationsOrganizes, updated records on sales goals, achievements, sales and marketing reports; client relationships; and other work related activity. Acquire and maintain a comprehensive profile of top competitors and their operations including products, services and prices.Workforce Planning SystemA Workforce Planning System identifies the number of employees needed and plans for job changes to met InterClean/EnviroTech's new strategic direction. Cascio (2006) states workforce planning is an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands of an organization, and to provide qualified people to fulfill that business and satisfy those demands. The workforce planning system includes:Talent inventory to assess current human resources (skills, abilities, and potential) and to analyze how they are currently used.A workforce forecast to predict future people requirements (the number of workers needed, the number expected to be available based on labor market characteristics, the skills mix required, internal versus external labor supply).Action plans to enlarge the pool of people qualified to fill the projected vacancies through such actions as recruitment, selection, training, placement, transfer, promotion, development, and compensation.Control and evaluate to provide feedback on the overall effectiveness of the human resources planning system by...

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