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Career Development Manual Essay

2341 words - 10 pages

• Introduction to Career Development
1. Career
2. Importance of Career developmenet
3. What would you achieve by a career developmenet

• Personal Career Development Plan
1. Self Assesmenet
2. Choose your career
3. Reaserch
4. Requirements
5. Develop a final plan
6. My Personal Career Plan

• Skills required for Personal Development
Basic skills:
1. Communication Skills
2. Problem solving Skills
3. Positive attitudes and behaviours
4. Adaptability Skills
5. Working with others
6. Science, technology and math skills

• Obstacles in your Career Path
1. Lack of trust
2. Difficulty in understanding
3. Working in a team
4. Working on others initative

• Recommendation for Aspirants

• Introduction to Career Development:
1- Career:-
A career development plan is process of making your future goal clear. It also help in managing your future aims. It include learning new skills and improve your hidden skills .
Career development plan help in learning and achiving and achieving more in your career.
According to Albert Camus:
“ Life is the sum of all your choices”
It means a career is your own choice of way towards your future.
2- Importance of Career Development:-
A career development is important because it help you to achive more in life and get the ways to be closer to your success.
Career developmenet is important in every field of life weather you are a student , employee ,owner of a company or at early stage of learning .
A person who have ability to manage their life and career are well informed and success learners. By making choice of their career goals they also get saticified work according to it and they can avail different job opportunities.
3- Applications of career development plan in current time:-
By making a career develpomnent plan you get a clear picture of your future step by step. It help you to know that at different stages of life you are where and what skills you have to get to improve yourself ?
Now a days when wold is changing rapidly it is necessary to change your mind,thinking and work hard to match the rapid change.
A career development have many applications in current time as:
 It help in making a overview of your path
 It help to preapare yourself for future
 It help a individual to select his future career easily
 Helps in motivating others
 Help in providing guidance to new interns
 Help in performance measurement
 Increase your confidence towards your aims
 Guide peple how to avail different training processes related to their future
 Help to increase potiential of a person for advancemnet

• Personal Career Development Plan:
In this stage you have to develop a plan according to your aims and career you want to choose next in your future .
A career development plan is a way to increase your knowledge about your aims and career.
Basically a career development plan include following steps :
1. Self Assesmenet
2. Career Choice
3. Reaserch...

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