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Career Development Plan Ii: Training And Mentoring Program

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The recent merger of InterClean and EnviroTech has created the need for training and mentoring program to be established for the new team of sales representatives. I have identified training and mentoring needs, training and mentoring program objectives, performance standards, delivery methods, content, time frame, evaluation methods, feedback, and alternative avenues.Training and mentoring needsAcquiring new sales personnel into InterClean requires all sales employees to attend an orientation training to become familiar with the organization. According to Cascio (2005), there are three major areas orientation training must cover: company standards, policies and expectations, benefits and incentives; social behavior such as appropriate conduct in conjunction with employment laws; and the technical aspects of the job (p. 311).The new sales team is comprised of three EnviroTech sales representatives and one InterClean sales representative. EnviroTech sales representatives are very customer service oriented and build a rapport with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction from the beginning of the sale and beyond. Training in sales strategies will aid in aligning these sales representatives to the new vision and corporate culture within InterClean.The InterClean sales representative is an aggressive go-getter type sales person who closes deals, but does not see value in creating long-term relationships. Training in customer service skills will benefit this sales representative to align with company objectives and be more successful in meeting or exceeding sales goals. "Sales consulting adds value to the buyer-seller relationship and goes beyond by continuously learning how to improve the value of the service or product for that customer" (Pelham, 2006, p. 175).The industry is highly competitive and the sales staff must possess the necessary skills to retain their existing clients and recruit new clients by providing a positive customer experience beyond acquiring the sale. Problem solving and forming relationships with clients in addition to excellent sales techniques is crucial to increasing our client-base. Solutions-based selling requires the sales staff to be more involved with their clients by developing customized packages to meet their needs in addition to having the knowledge of the industry as it relates to cleaning and sanitation (Scenario: InterClean, Inc., University of Phoenix online, 2009).The new direction for InterClean to offer full service solutions requires sales representatives to be grouped into multi-functional teams to support InterClean's high-quality products with high-quality service (Scenario: InterClean, Inc., 2009). Sales representatives will participate in team building exercises to learn how to work in a cohesive team environment and identify and utilize each individual's unique skills to improve and increase customer service. The overall performance of a team, according to Cascio (2005), depends strongly on the...

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