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A Career In Aerospace Engineering Essay

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In this plain stark white room, people are crowded around a glass table with a giant drafting sheet laid across, tension nearly bursting out the door. The director of the group sighs “We need to make this plane safer, the test pilot nearly crashed in the prototype.” they replied with silence still struggling to brainstorm. It was all on their minds, but pressure was hindering their ability, after all the deadline to the SAE 2028 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference (ASTC) is next month. “Let’s start with identifying the cause of the problem.” the boss finally says, breaking the long silence. An on they went on their project, following the cycle of design, doggedly battling against the clock of innovation, pushing the limits of human ability; they were truly on the cutting edge of technology, the fringe of the future. That is where I want to be. No, where I will be as I follow the path to my future. Not only does an aerospace engineering career encompass my future, but its effects will be felt by all of society as it is truly a job that is a cornerstone of our scientific progression.
The aerospace engineer career is a competitive, fulfilling, and rewarding pursuit that entails endeavoring through modern limitations of society, management and planning of these endeavors, and effectively applying the results to tomorrow. As a occupation paving the way to the future, it is no surprise that its openings projection is positive, and is guaranteed to be stable unless humans stop utilizing the power of flight, which is very unlikely. Furthermore, due to the worldwide use of aircraft and vast application, the geographical limitations for aerospace engineer are to first and second world countries because third world countries would most likely lack many airports and engineering facilities. There are many variations of aerospace engineering jobs, and most of them have an above average stress level because of the punctiliousness required throughout (Summary). Whether its a development team, or an aircraft maintenance worker, the high government safety standards put tremendous pressure on the person due to the heavy federal penalty that they could suffer. Moreover, training for such a stressful job will indeed be difficult and protracted. Aerospace engineering is a master’s degree for the average populations; however, obtaining a Ph.D. would provide more opportunities and increase the likeliness of getting the position applied for.
Although there are many learning paths to become an aerospace engineer, from established learning institutions, such as universities and colleges, to specified learning academies such as West-MEC, the best route for a successful aspiring high school student athlete would be the college and university due to the constraints that would not allow an off-campus curriculum such as West-MEC’s aerospace engineering program. In the West, the optimal choice would be California Institute of Technology because of its revered...

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