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Career Essay

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In 2012 nearly 205,000 people were employed as a physical therapist in the United States. The average salary of a physical therapist in 2012 was $79,860 per year. The number of jobs is estimated to grow 36% from 2012-2022. This job of physical therapy involves many and very important tasks to fulfill the needs of their patients. It requires many different educational requirements and you must have strong people skills.
A physical therapist has many important duties. One duty of a physical therapist is to examine the patient’s movement by having them do a series of exercises. These exercises include walking and standing, or movement of the injury. After they examine the patient they plan a ...view middle of the document...

To become a physical therapist clearly education and training is very important.
To become a physical therapist not only do you have to have the proper education and training you have to have the right characteristics. Two important characteristics of a physical therapist are being compassionate and detail oriented. These are important because physical therapist help people in pain and they have to understand the patients limitations because of the pain they area going through. Physical therapists also have to have good observation skills to diagnose the patient’s problem, evaluate treatments, and provide safe, effective care. Other important characteristics of a physical therapists are physical stamina and resourcefulness. These are important because physical therapists spend much of their time on their feet and working with patients. Also they should be flexible and able to adapt to plans of care to meet the needs of each patient. Dexterity and interpersonal skills are important characteristics to have as a physical therapist. These are important because they have to use their hands to provide manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and they have to feel comfortable...

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