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Career Exploration In Computer Science Essay

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The expert in the field that I chose was Wilson Kan. Technically he is not an expert in the field of computer science since he is still attending university, but has taken many courses in computer science. Wilson is in his final years of study at the University of Waterloo. He mainly studies math and numerical computation at the university but during the interview I learnt that he has been taking computer science courses since high school. To him, math comes easily and he likes to program, so computer programming was very appealing to him and seemed like a natural fit. He is currently unemployed so he does not have a job in the computer science field, yet. Wilson’s goal is to become a Professor at the University of Waterloo. When asked which subject he would like to teach he answered that he would like to teach math or computer science. Wilson does a lot of programming with math. He has created multiple programs that are used to calculate statistics and other complex mathematical problems. I asked Wilson what one of his main goals is in life and he responded “To get my PHD”. When I asked him one of his goals for computer science he told me that he would like to create a better shadow program. He feels that he can make better shadows and that shadows now are not efficientt and that he would like to make more in depth and complex shadows.As for Wilson’s career he would like to be a Professor possibly at Waterloo or at the University of Toronto. The experience needed for this position is extensive. Not only does he need his PHD but he also needs plenty of work experience. He says that the estimated salary of this position is about eighty thousand a year. Once Wilson becomes a professor he would like to get tenure and maybe even one day become a department head of the math department. He thinks that teaching will be a very rewarding job and looks forward to it, along with this comes the responsibility of doing research and lectures which he is not too comfortable doing right now.The courses needed for this profession are mostly math based programs. For the Computer Science(BMath) at Waterloo the university prerequisites are Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus, English, Geometry and Discrete Mathematics, Grade 12 M Computer and Information Science or one other Grade 12 U course, also the grade 11 introduction into computer science is recommended. Just for a bachelor degree alonein computer science there are many programs; they are as follows:One ofCS 125 Introduction to Programming PrinciplesCS 133 Developing Programming PrinciplesCS 135 Designing Functional ProgramsA 300- or 400-level CS major course in addition to those required belowOne ofCS 134 Principles of Computer ScienceCS 136 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data AbstractionAll ofMATH 135 (or MATH 145) AlgebraMATH 136 (or MATH 146) Linear Algebra 1MATH 137 (or MATH 147) Calculus 1MATH 138 (or MATH 148) Calculus 2MATH 239 (or MATH 249) Introduction to...

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