Career Goals And Expectations Essay

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From and early age I knew I wanted to be a firefighter. But then again, what little boy doesn't dream of being a firefighter, or a police officer, or something similar? After growing up and moving out of the house things didn't go exactly as I had hoped. I wasn't able to afford the proper training and education so I had to pick something else, or so I thought.
My family was my motivation in going back to school. I never really thought I could see myself going back to school. They really have encouraged me every step of the way to let me know that they support my decision in going to CSU. My fiance has helped me fill out paperwork and helped push me through even when I wasn't sure exactly what degree I wanted to do. My son and daughter have really helped me see that a college degree is the right step. It has been encouraging to them to see that no matter how old you get you are never to old to go back and learn something new.
I chose to attend CSU because I heard several good things from friends and colleagues about the college. I was informed that they have a good Fire Science program. I also heard that CSU has flexible scheduling. Most importantly I heard that CSU would really try to help me in any way possible to succeed at my goals. So far I have found all these things to be true and it has really made the transition from not going to school to being a full time student easier for me.
I hope to be able to get my degree in Fire Science and I see myself in a paid firefighter position in the future because of this degree. I hope that because of this degree I will be able to do the job that I love and get paid for it. In the end I believe that I will be able to provide better for my family. Because of my dream coming true through attending college and attaining my degree I hope to be able to make all of my family's dreams come true as well.
Management of my time is not always easy. However, I always try to limit my procrastination, set up goals for what needs to be done each day, and prioritizing what needs to be done and when. These techniques will be helpful to me because I will not have to rush to get everything done in a short amount of time. This will also help me because I will have more time to get things done. With the additional time I will be able to do a better job at all of my tasks.
I can help myself stay on track by making myself a schedule, setting aside a place, date, and time that way I can ensure things will be done in time. Scheduling a specific amount of time each day to study will help me not feel so overwhelmed when it comes for assignments to be due. This will also help to keep my stress levels to a minimum and help ensure that I have enough time to do other things outside of schoolwork. I can also have help from family members to keep me on track. My family has been vital to the support of my enducational enveavors. With the support of my family I can ensure that people know when it is my study time and this...

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