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Requirements and Job Opportunities in the Accounting Field
Accounting is something I have wanted to do since I was a sophomore in high school. It requires a lot of education. One will have to take a CPA just to get his license. Lastly, an accountant’s job has a lot of varieties. Accounting is a great career that needs a good amount of education, a license, and has a vast amount of possibilities and temptations.
An accountant’s education depends on which state he or she is trying to become an Certified Public Accountant in. In the State of New York, he or she needs one hundred fifty credit hours completed which comes out to be fives years of education (“Initial License,” 2011). The first four years you will be acquiring a Bachelor of Science In Accounting. At the University of Albany, this will teach you all about financial accounting, managerial accounting, marketing, taxation, and accounting information systems (“Bachelor of Science.” 2014). The actual mission statement of the accounting program is “To provide a high-quality learning environment for students, conduct and disseminate research, and positively contribute to our external constituents in the profession and wider community (“Accounting at Albany,” n.d., para. 9).”
After the completion of your Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Albany, one would look to get their Masters of Science in Public Accountancy (At least this is what I’m planning to do). He or she can complete this in either one or two years (“M.S. in Professional Accountancy.” 2014). In my case, it will take one year because I am going to be a full time masters student. This will account for thirty of your required credits (“M.S. in Professional Accountancy.” 2014). With this education, a graduate can expect sixteen top-tier accounting organizations from around the world to recruit him or her and to be completely prepared for the New York State Certified Accountant Exam (“M.S. in Professional Accountancy.” 2014).

CPA Exam
The CPA exam is taken by college graduates that have one hundred fifty credits with a year of full time experience (“Initial License,” 2011). It states that exam takers must have thirty-three semester hours in accounting and thirty-six hours in general business electives (“Initial License,” 2011). According to the CPA website for New York State, full time is considered to be working five days a week for thirty-five to forty hours disregarding overtime (“Initial License,” 2011). When you apply to take the examination you have to pay three hundred and seventy-seven dollars (“Initial License,” 2011). The CPA exam is split into four parts: auditing & attestation, financial accounting & reporting, regulation, and business environment & concepts (“Initial License,” 2011).
In order to pass you need to get a seventy-five on each test (“Initial License,” 2011). The fortunate thing with the CPA is the test taker does not need to take them all at once (“Initial License,” 2011). The test taker has to get the...

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