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Career In Athletic Training Essay

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"Here she comes around the last curve she's just about to break the world record for fastest mile run by a woman. Almost there, and she's done it! But wait, she's on the ground, gee whiz I think her knees gave out!" How is this girl going to get better? What should she do to fix this? An athletic trainer would be able to answer these questions and help this girl get back into the best physical condition possible so she could run again. The following are key parts of the Athletic Training career, including, but not limited to: requirements of education and colleges that offer programs; basic job titles and responsibilities; employers; benefits, hours, annual income; extending the job ...view middle of the document...

Majors such as, Exercise Science which focuses on biomechanics, including gait analysis and the science of movement; Sport Management, which focuses mainly on administrative work, bookkeeping, and marketing; Health and Physical Education, which allows for getting a teaching certificate for health or P.E. in middle or high schools. Minors that could be added to Athletic Training to become more qualified could be Coaching Science, which is training to become a better team leader and be able to coach middle, high school, or college level sports(University 1); Strength and Conditioning, which is training on how to make programs to better specific athletes (University 2). If paying for college is a problem then the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) has an annual scholarship program worth $2,000. The requirements are that the student must be a junior in college, have a minimum GPA of 3.2 out of a 4.0, be sponsored by a certified Athletic Trainer, and be an active member of the NATA (NATA 1). Finding a job after graduation most likely will not be extremely difficult because the profession grows each year by about ten percent, which is average for most occupations (Mayo 1). Middle and high schools are generally employers of newly graduated Athletic Trainers. Part-time jobs are the easiest to find and usually filled by recent graduates at places such as, hospital E.R.'s, rehab clinics, fitness centers, and intermediate schools ("Defining" 1). It is also becoming more popular, as world obesity grows, for companies to hire Athletic Trainers for employees to keep them healthy, active, and safe (Mayo 1). International Athletic Organizations like Olympic Centers and Teams employ more experienced and well known trainers (UNC 1), however, these jobs are limited to even experienced trainers (UNC 1). With little experience and only a bachelor's degree, starting jobs do not pay much; the average is from 22-35 thousand dollars annually (Mayo 1). The United States median salary is 47 thousand five hundred and fifty dollars and that is having some experience and a most likely a masters degree ("Head" 1). In Division I jobs working for colleges and international leagues, the annually salary is between 75-125 thousand dollars (Mayo 1). In many of these jobs, the average person will find that there is a lot of time involved. Part time jobs in public schools or even in private middle and high schools require many daylight hours and evenings, however, these jobs are seasonal and trainers generally get the summers off. Professionals who work for major teams work year-round with them (Mayo 1) and may be required to travel, work long hours on days and...

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