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A Career in Dentistry
     Children are often sweet and adorable, but many times they may be eating too many sweets. According to the Channel Four News, it has been shown that the number one disease in children is the reoccurrence of caries, also known as cavities. Could it be too many sweets or could it be the lack of flossing and brushing teeth? For instance, many children go to bed or wake up without brushing their teeth and go throughout the day eating all sorts of food and candy. The result of eating and not brushing could lead to plaque build up and decaying of teeth. This leaves a child extremely unhappy and in excruciating pain. So who is going to fix this pain? Who is going to help prevent decay in millions of people’s mouths? Today, the world is lucky to have a well-studied field of dentistry.. Dentistry has much history, various specialties, advancements, and an irresistible salary.
     Dentistry involves many tasks and a strict code of ethics that dentists must master. What do dentists do? The best definition of dentists’ duties, according to Hopke, an American writer who wrote an educational book about various careers is, “Dentists attempt to maintain their clients’ teeth through such preventive and reparative practices as extracting, filling, cleaning, or replacing teeth.” Dentists perform corrective work such as straightening teeth and treating diseased tissue of the gums. These tasks are sometimes done by orthodontists rather than a dentist, but dentist also, on occasion, performs surgical operations on the jaw or mouth, so the arch can fit false teeth (Hopke 455).
     Moreover, dentists have to cater to the fears of the public. In today’s society many people have had bad experiences or have heard horror stories about dentists, so they are generally hesitant to get work done on their teeth. In many cases, people are consumed by so much fear at the dentist’s office that the dentist will have to administer an anesthetic and try to calm the patient’s fears.
     After the treatment and procedure is complete, patients leave with healthier, more beautiful teeth, giving them the confidence to ask someone out on a date or the confidence to smile on an important job interview. Dentistry is and has been for centuries, an important aspect of people’s lives.
     Beginning in the earliest of times, dentistry was performed by physician specialized in only one areas of care or one part of the body. During the fifth century B.C., a Greek historian named Herodotus wrote from his observations that medicine had become so separate that each physician was a specialist in a disease (Phinney 5).
     Dentistry during early times primarily consisted of extracting a tooth if pain existed. Some scientists have found evidence of drilling holes near the roots of the teeth to allow any infection to drain so...

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