Career Prospects Of A Registered Nurse

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There will always be a need for registered nurses in the medical industry, as nurses will always try to meet the health needs of individuals. The health industry in Canada is enormous and requires the aid of numerous amounts of nurses throughout the nation. This career requires patience and determination in order to be successful on the job. The career of a registered nurse will provide me with the satisfaction of knowing that I am able to assist an individual with the revitalization of their health. Furthermore, this paper will expatiate on the kind of industries that nurses work in including the type of sector, safety of job, as well as greatly focusing on the union that protects nurses especially in the City of Toronto. Also, the job position of a registered nurse demands specific qualifications like an education in nursing as well as long working hours. An issue that will be considered is the demand of nurses in Toronto, and if there will be a good chance of being able to find a nursing position upon graduation. Moreover, the career of a registered nurse will be examined in looking at the environment nurses work in and considering whether the work environment is safe and supportive of each employee. Most importantly, I will look at the overall aspects of the career of a registered nurse and how beneficial it will for me regarding financial aspects, social, and my ability to make a contribution in the healthcare industry. The career prospects of a registered nurse will be examined through the research of the health industry, details of job positions, and the economic and political aspects involving the job.
As the healthcare industry is free of charge for the most part in Canada, more Canadians take advantage of the opportunity. White, Oelke, Besner, Doran, and Hall discuss how the nursing workforce is faced with shortages and the lack of knowledge the public has on various types of nurses (2008). White, Oelke, Besner, Doran, and Hall conducted a study that examined what “working to the full scope of practice” meant to nurses (2008). A significant finding from the study showed that the nurses referred to their job in reference the tasks they perform, rather than the role they play in actual healthcare delivery (Besner et al. 2008). This study shows me that a nurse’s job can be more task oriented rather than focused on social communication and patient assistance. Furthermore, there is not a big variety in the types of jobs available because a registered nurse is a very specific occupation, as nursing itself is a broad category. Job postings in Toronto show that job positions are currently open for registered nurses in hospitals and various medical clinics. For example, the Job Bank website of the Government of Canada shows a high demand of job openings for registered nurses in retirement homes (Registered Nurse 2014). These job postings demonstrate that the baby boom generation is getting old and that elderly individuals live in retirement...

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