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Positive thinking has a great effect on health and well-being. Many over sized people do not live a well-being life style because of the non-positive thinking people around them. Most skinney people live a well-being life style because they can cover it up, so no one see's it. Health is not a big factor on having a well-being lifestyle.If people do not have a positive additude towards health or well-being, they become the fat or lazy people in this world. Oversized people do not live a well-being life style, but they might be healthy. No one in todays world cares about health, they only care on other ...view middle of the document...

A example of this is myself, I am considerd skinney to most people, but know one knows this because i cover it up buy the clothes I wear. I wear baggy pants, with usually a sweater or hoody. I don't mind skinney people at all, neither do other people, because they can not notice it. There health is not very good but maybe they just do not have time to eat right, like me. Health is not a big factor on having a well-being lifestyle. If you are healthy who cares, it is what you look like on the out side, that matters. You could be over weight and healthy and still get bugged. You could be really skinney and healthy, and everyone thinks you are cool and okay to hang around with. An example is me, i never have time to eat 2 or 3 meals a day, i usually have 1 and that is supper. But everyone thinks i am ok to hang around with. I am not healthy, but i have a well-being lifestyle. Positive thinking has a great effect on health , but to have a good life-style it is very hard to be healthy. Health is a big factor but not to have a well-being life-style. A well-being lifestyle for skinney people is easy, because they can cover it up. A well-being lifestyle for over sized people is very difficult because they can not cover it up as easy. Even if they are healthy it does not matter. If people do not have a positive additude towards health or well-being, they become the fat or lazy people in this world.

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