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Career Opportunities Within The Medical Assisting Field Of Study

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Medical Assisting
Jill Goodson
Brown Mackie College
May 29, 2014

Medical assisting course are programs which train individuals on how to work in different medical offices, health centers and also clinics through the supervision from doctors and nurses (Garber & Fuchs 2010). There has been high growth in this field since they can work both in the clinics and the administrative departments. The program involves study and preparation in different careers in health field which are both theoretical ad practical skills. Some of important skills in the medical assisting programs include; patient’s interviewing, understanding medical terms, record keeping, anatomy and ...view middle of the document...

The medical assistant training gives a good opportunity in the health field which includes the chance of learning the current skills required by the employers. It has become the best field which has contributed to increase in job opportunities in the healthcare field.
Medical assistants should have good knowledge of medical terminologies, anatomy and also physiology. Though some employers may provide on-job training, most prefers the applicants who have formal education in medical assistance. Candidates should fulfill the healthcare requirement by registering with the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) or the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). A competent clinical medical assistant should be able to perform well in some serious signs assessments, recording the patient concerns, treatment and assisting the nurses and physicians as required (Organ & Heath 2010). In addition, they should also have computer knowledge in keyboarding, word processing, billing and insurance coding. They are also required to have clear communication of the medical information and perform their jobs in a more professional way. Physician requires a degree program which has a variation of 4 years between the degree and the masters’ degree program. The study for PA also involves mathematics, advanced sciences, specialty study areas such as pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, trauma, and family medicine. The senior students gain experience through various medical settings while the senior students who are almost nearing the job seeking gain competences through cooperative education or job appointments (Garber & Fuchs 2010).
New trends and technology that is available in Medical assisting field of study
For the last few decades, we have experienced a lot of technological innovations which have has been seen applied in most industries. The health care industry has been one of the cutting edges in technology. This is direct from the use of computers, modern microscopic implants, 3-D scanners which have led to increase in medical breakthrough. Other modern equipments in clinical settings include printers, telephones, fax machines and other office devices. Most of the institutions, companies, organizations and also countries are spending billions of money in stocking their healthcares departments with the most modern diagnostic equipments in improvement of their services (Organ & Heath 2010).
Electronic Health Records
Computer has application has improved the services offered in most of the health centers. It has reduced the work of MA’s, whereby instead of manual filling of patients chats, schedules, and their information, and storing in files, he is now able to use computer to store a large number of patients information. This reduces both the time wastage ad also the overstocking of the offices with a lot of files; this also reduces the risk of files getting lost hence lack of information to follow up the patient. However there are also some cons related to use of...

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