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Career Paper: Computer Hardware Engineer

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When children or teens grow up they wonder “What do I want to be when I’m older”? Teens or children won’t know what they want to do until they are in high school. It might even take longer than that. High school students will find hidden talents that they didn’t know about themselves, which could cause them to do the they like to do. Some may like to draw and be great at that, and others that aren’t great at drawing pictures might be better at sports. After they would leave out of high school or months before they do the teens might know what they want to do. Then they would have some thought about what college to be at. Some graduates won’t know if they want to be in a college until they ...view middle of the document...

.. U.S. para. 1). The skills that are needed to be a computer hardware engineer are complex problem solving, coordination, judgment and decision making, operations analysis, social perceptiveness, system analysis, and time management (“Computer”... What’s para. 17). Computer hardware engineers provide technical support to designers, marketing and sales departments, suppliers, engineers and other team members while the product development and implementation process (“Computer”... What’s para. 11). Computer hardware engineers design and develop computers for commercial, industrial, military, and scientific use (“Computer”... What’s para. 1). Computer hardware engineers design newer and more advance computer hardware by creating blueprints for the computers they will build in the future. Then they would beta test the completed models of the model they have blueprinted (“Computer”... U.S. para. 9). Computer hardware engineers may work with software developers (“Computer”... U.S. para. 11). However, hardware engineers reassure that, computer hardware components work with each other with the up to date software development (“Computer”... U.S. para. 11).The skills that are needed to be a computer hardware engineer is analytical skills, creativity, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and speaking skills for this job (“Computer”... U.S. para.20). Computer hardware engineers design and develops computer hardware central processing units (CPUs), support logic, microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and printers and disk drives (“Computer”... What’s para. 7). Hardware engineers work in research laboratories that build and test any computer models they would design (“Computer”... U.S. para. 11). People would work in high-tech manufacturing firms (“Computer”... U.S. para. 11). Computer hardware engineers update existing computer equipment so if there is a new software update the computer could use(“Computer”... U.S. para. 9). You must have the knowledge of computer engineering so you know the technology and that it changes every year (“Computer”... U.S. para. 9). A computer hardware engineer would lift 10-20 pound loads (“Computer”... What’s para. 13). Some of the time you would be inside and involves sitting for ⅓ of the time (“Computer”... What’s para. 13).
Depending on where you work and how experienced you are could mean you getting a better or worse salary (“Computer”... What’s para. 24). The hourly wage for a hardware is an average of $41.99 a hour (“Computer”... What’s para. 25). If you would work 40 hrs. a week and you would be paid $41.99 an hour, you would have 1,679.60 a week (“Computer”... What’s para. 25). The experienced hourly wage is $66.76, an entry hourly wage is $24.61, and at $38.45 for a median hourly wage; therefore, if you would want to be a computer engineer, you would hope you have the experienced hourly wage (“Computer”... What’s para. 24). If you are an experienced computer hardware engineer, you would generate...

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