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My dream of my life ten years from now has changed many times over these past few weeks. This class has shown me new opportunities and broadened my horizon. Throughout grade and middle school, I pictured myself joining the United States Marin Corp. out of high school and being a hero. As I matured, I looked at my god given talents and decided to go a different way with my life. Then I determined I wanted to go into the field of computers; still not sure, whether to work with software or hardware I stuck with this idea and plan until just recently. The guest speaker for UTI, Universal Technical Institute, sparked my interest in a passion that has been dwelling in me ever since I could remember. I always been interested in automobile mechanics but never thought there was any future in the business. Thanks to the opportunity I received from this class, I am now able to use this as a valuable resource for planning my future.In ten years from now, I envision myself as a graduate of the Super Street Program at the Universal Technical Institute. I am Mark Spadoni recently married to my long time girlfriend. I now live in southern California, in a comfortable one-bedroom house. I own a small private garage that deals with the personalization and performance enhancement of compact cars.My career as a compact car mechanic would include a variety of tasks. I would be responsible first, to manage my business. Secondly, I would be responsible for the cars I am working on.The starting pay for an entry-level mechanic is quite low at an average of $30,780/year, about $14.80 an hour. Although on the bright side, the industry is expected to grow at least 18% in the next five years. This is logical because as the years go by our world is going to become more populated and more people are going to want to own cars, and also in five years, cars will be five years older and repairs and upgrades will be in higher demand.My specific job duties could range from an economical standpoint to hands on working atmosphere. Since I plan to own my own personalization and performance enhancement business, I would have to manage and plan my expenses and revenue determining how to attain the highest net gain. Which could include...

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