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Type of WorkDrafters prepare technical drawings and plans used by production and construction workers to build everything from manufactured products, such as toys, toasters, industrial machinery, and spacecraft, to structures, such as houses, office buildings, and oil and gas pipelines. Their drawings provide visual guidelines, show the technical details of the products and structures, and specify dimensions, materials, and procedures. Drafters fill in details, using drawings, rough sketches, specifications, codes, and calculations previously made by engineers, surveyors, architects, or scientists. For example, they use their knowledge of standardized building techniques to draw in the details of a structure. Some drafters use their knowledge of engineering and manufacturing theory and standards to draw the parts of a machine in order to determine design elements, such as the numbers and kinds of fasteners needed to assemble the machine.Traditionally, drafters sat at drawing boards and used pencils and pens and other drafting devices to prepare a drawing manually. Most drafters now use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) systems to prepare drawings. Even though drafters use CADD a lot, it is only a tool. All drafters need the knowledge of traditional drafting techniques whether using CADD or manual drawing. Despite the near-universal use of CADD systems, manual drafting and sketching still is used.Working ConditionsMost drafters work a standard 40-hour week; only a small number work part time. Drafters usually work in comfortable offices furnished to accommodate their tasks. They may sit at adjustable drawing boards or drafting tables when doing manual drawings, although most drafters work at a computer much of the time. Because they spend a lot of time in front of computers doing detailed work, drafters may be vulnerable to eyestrain, back discomfort, and hand and wrist problems.EmploymentDrafters held about 216,000 jobs in 2002. Architectural and civil drafters held about half of all jobs for drafters, mechanical drafters held about a third of all jobs, and the rest of all jobs were held by electrical and electronics drafters.Almost half of all jobs for drafters were in architectural, engineering, and related services that design construction projects or do other engineering work by a contract for other industries. More than a quarter of jobs were in manufacturing industries, such as machinery manufacturing, metal fabrication, computer and electronic manufacturing, and transportation manufacturing. Most of the rest were employed in construction, government, wholesale trade, utilities, and employment services. Few were self-employed in 2002.TrainingEmployers prefer applicants who have completed postsecondary school training in drafting, which is offered by technical institutes, community colleges, and some 4-year colleges and universities. Employers are most interested in applicants with well-developed drafting and mechanical-drawing...

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