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Career Path To Becoming A Marine Biologist

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The career I want to pursue when I go to college is in marine science. This career sparks my interests and fits my character style. As a child, I was intrigued by stories that took place in the ocean or along the beach. Sea creatures and indigenous areas always left me wanting to learn more. Even though natural disasters were devastating, they caught my attention too. The college I selected is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) I found it to be an affordable college choice and have the most academic advantages in my career choice to become a Marine Biologist. Although I have not participated in many marine aquatic activities, I still chose to research the career path to becoming a Marine Biologist.
Founded in 1910 by the governor of California, UCLA is a public research university that strives for the “creation, dissemination, preservaton, and application of knowledge for the betterment of a global society” (UCLA ). The university implemented the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) which later became the global Internet. The National Research Council (NRC) reports that UCLA academics ranks among the top ten in the nation and is yet among the most affordable for college classes. UCLA’s in-state cost of attendance for one year is $32,414 compared to Columbia University, New York at $49,138. Focused on an optimistic approach, UCLA engages past accomplishments and continues to bring about new technologies and global advancements.
The Marine Biology program at UCLA is geared toward students who want to specialize in the field of marine sciences. In addition to learning biology, students gain first-rate experience in such disciplines as oceonography, marine organisms, and the evolutionary processes of life on Earth. A major in marine sciences prepares students to research through a variety of techniques. Students work together on projects that encompass a global community of learners. The entire global system benefits from each individual’s work as a Marine Biologist.
Individuals working in a marine science position usually travel the seas and study their surroundings. Marine science, or biology, includes the study of living creatures and their habitats. Professionals in this field conduct research, analyze data, and predict future changes in the earth’s structure. Marine biologists assist other organizations that are also interested in the quality of the natural world. Working as an advocate for creating a better place to live, this position will allow me to evaluate samples collected, create a plan to improve the conditions, and play an important role in future improvements. A marine scientist helps maintain a safe and healthy environment for all living things
I have a long-standing interest in this career. I have always liked studying nature and the living elements of the different ecosystems. Even in my childhood years, and now into my young adult years, my favorite hobbies include exploring land changes after...

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