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When a student has completed his bachelors degree and four years of medical school, the student is then ready to move on to internship and residency programs that could take upwards of eight years to complete. People often confuse the terms internship and residency. For clarification, an intern has completed medical school, passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), and received his MD, but is not yet fully licensed to practice without supervision until completing their residency training program. A resident refers to any doctor who has graduated from medical school and is in a residency training program (including interns).
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While the work done by radiologists can be very rewarding, I will have to face fifty hour work weeks with two or three days a week on call. My days spent on call in any month may only be fourteen or fifteen days. This does not mean that the other days of the month are work free, but that once you finish your work day you are not obligated to come back in for readings. A positive about being a radiologist is the fact that fewer calls need your immediate attention, which means less rushing to the hospital at ridiculous hours for me in the future. Radiology, above all other fields, has progressed as new technologies emerge. This means that at many hospitals they could send you the image and allow you to do your reading from the comfort of your home. The constant interaction with state of the art equipment and with patients could be extremely rewarding in itself, not to mention the average entry level annual salary of $321,000.
While entry level salaries for biomedical engineers are not as high as those of radiologist, this does not subtract from my interest in the engineering field. With an entry level salary of $42,500-57,500 and one of the most promising job markets out of the engineering fields, getting into...

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