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Retaining top quality talent has become a major challenge in the modern working environment. With the average length of term in any given position being 4.4 years (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012) and an average cost to replace that employee being 20% of their annual salary (, many companies are simply trying to fill positions with bodies. There is a study that focused on human motivation (RSA Animate), and it found that humans are primarily driven by three things: desire to master a skill, the need to be a part of something greater than themselves, and the ability to be self directed. This study did not mention money, free lunches, or nice bosses. While we widely ...view middle of the document...

With the exception of a dual career path program, that was poorly implemented, the company seems to have very little interest in working on actual employee planning and retention.
The advice I would and have offered to Leprino Foods is, that they need to accept that because of global competition for talented employees and the increased transient nature of employees it is critical to implement a formal employee planning & retention strategy. While there is some credit to the idea that we are not always hiring the right fit of employee, it is also important to recognize that even employees with said fit does not remain at the company for a long period of time. Looking at the basic employee needs for happiness we can then understand that the need for mastery can be addressed by helping managers review position descriptions to ensure that the opportunities for challenges are present as well as that internal or external training programs are also made available for the employee. The main idea here is that HR should serve as a guide to teach and mentor managers to understand that they need to further develop each employees strengths and give them both the opportunity and the knowledge to accomplish such tasks. Often times these tasks may not even need to be directly related to a position and can serve as a side task. People learn to play the guitar, help out building homes, and build software for free because they long to master something. If an employer gives the employee a chance to master something at work the new things they discover could be amazing.
The need to feel a part of something larger than themselves is the second of the third drivers for employee happiness and engagement. Here we find that things such as employee recognition and team building help people feel connected to each other. We also find that having a formal mentoring program can really help an employee be much better connected to the organization. Here the person should be matched up with sometime similar to themselves that can help them make friends, understand social norms, and help them overcome various obstacles at the workplace. At Leprino Foods this is particularly important with anyone that is not in a majority.
The third element of employee engagement and satisfaction is the need to...

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