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Career Profile ReportSome news analysts have values. One value is to let everybody know about what is going on in the world. Another value that news analysts have is to spread the truth.There There are many duties and responsibilities of news analysts. A news analyst has to gather information, prepare stories, and make broadcasts that inform us about local, State, national, and international events; present points of view on current issues; and report on the actions of public officials, corporate executives, special-interest groups, and others who exercise power. News analysts examine, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources. They also are called newscasters or news anchors. News anchors present news stories and introduce videotaped news or live transmissions from on-the-scene reporters. Some newscasters at large stations and networks specialize in a particular type of news, such as sports or weather. Weathercasters, also called weather reporters, report current and forecasted weather conditions. They gather information from national satellite weather services, wire services, and local and regional weather bureaus. Sportscasters select, write, and deliver sports news. This may include interviews with sports personalities and coverage of games and other sporting events. The working conditions of news analysts are usually hectic. Some news analyst work in comfortable, private offices, while others work in large rooms filled with the sound of keyboards and computer printers, as well as the voices of other reporters. Curious onlookers, police, or other emergency workers can distract those reporting from the scene for radio and television. Covering wars, political uprisings, fires, floods, and similar events is often dangerous. They are also under great pressure to meet deadlines. And broadcasts sometimes are made with little or no time for preparation. The working hours vary for news analysts so the can expect to work unusual hours. There are certain abilities, training, and education that are required. Most employers prefer individuals with a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communications, but some hire graduates with other majors. They look for experience on school newspapers or broadcasting stations and internships with news organizations. Large-city newspapers and stations also may prefer candidates with a degree in a subject-matter specialty such as economics, political science, or business. Some large newspapers and broadcasters may hire only experienced workers. Bachelor's degree programs in journalism are available at more than 400 colleges or universities. About three-fourths of the courses in a typical curriculum are in liberal arts; the remaining courses are in journalism. Examples of journalism courses are introductory mass media, basic reporting and copy editing, history of journalism, and press law and ethics. Students planning a career in broadcasting take courses in radio and television news...

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