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Career Project Essay

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When children are young, there are people that can influence their thinkings, their learning,and their attitude. These people are teachers. They start working with the children at a young age, meaning that many look up to them. Many children admire authority figures, and in some cases, they admire teachers. Teachers are the people that help the children learn and discipline them when they are misbehaving. How a teacher reacts to a child’s misbehaving can influence how they act. If a teacher gives a student a punishment, he or she will know that the thing they did was wrong, and that they don’t want to get a punishment again. This is only one reason teachers are important. I want to be a ...view middle of the document...

This happens when a teacher is fired. Unfortunately, many teachers are getting fired. This happens because school districts don’t have enough money to keep paying the teacher’s salary. The lucky teachers that don’t get fired are taking pay cuts. There just isn’t enough money going towards education. But being a teacher shouldn’t be about money. It should be about loving to teach children and watched them learn and grow.

Although teachers don’t get a huge salary, they do get benefits. Benefits are the special perks a teacher gets. Benefits often depend on the school district you work in. They can be visions insurance, health insurance, sick days, and vacation days. Vision insurance helps teachers pay for eyes exams, glasses, contact lenses, and other need for your eyes. Health insurance is anything that has to do with your health. Hospital bills, doctor appointments, and some therapy is covered. You might still have to pay, but the insurance covers a lot of the cost.

When teachers are sick, they don’t want to spread the disease to children. It’s easier to get young children sick because they are still developing. That’s why teachers have sick days. Teachers have 10 sick days they can use if they don’t have a doctors note. If there is an emergency, such as a serious illness it doesn’t count as a sick day. Three out of ten of the sick days can be used for personal business. Things like funerals and weddings. There are other special cases for teachers being able to miss school. If a woman teacher had a baby, they can have up to six weeks paid maternity leave.

Most teachers also get a summer vacation, just like their students. They stay at school for a week after school ends for students and they come back a week earlier that the students do. Between the two dates, they can do what they choose with their time. However, many teachers make extra money during summer teaching summer school. They don’t have to, but it’s a good way to get extra money. Summer school is most common in middle and high school, but there are some elementary school teacher that help during the summer. Beside summer break, teachers also get all the same scheduled breaks the students get, such as spring and winter vacation, with the exception of professional development days. These are used to teach teachers while the children are not at school.

For most good jobs in America you need to go to college to qualify. For a teacher, this is especially important. You wouldn’t want an inexperienced person teaching your children. Teacher need to know the material they teach so they can teach others well. It’s not enough to remember what you learned in school. Things might have changed since then. Most schools require a four year college education for their teachers. Your chances of getting a job is even better if you went to a good college. If you went to a bad college, you might not get the job. Employers want the best people to teach the students, because if the teach is bad, the...

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