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Career Report On A Certified Nurse´S Aid (Cna)

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Instead of discussing a primary career choice and a secondary career choice, I will be providing information on my short term career goal, along with my long term career goal. Given that I am already working in the health care field, there are still a lot of things that I am not allowed to do because I am not certified yet. So I must get my feet wet by being a Certified Nurse’s Aide so that I may do any necessary things in order to help facilitate the residents further.
A Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) does a lot of day-to-day care with each and every patient. They work under the supervision of a Nurse or Charge Nurse. CNA’s take vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature, are in charge of dressing, bathing, feeding, helping patients walk, turning those who are bedridden, documentation, and so much more. ("Nurses aide/nursing assistant," 2013) In order to become a CNA there are a wide variety of ways to get certified. “Training programs to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can be found through the Red Cross, community colleges or medical facilities.” ("Nurses aide/nursing assistant," 2013) The length of the program at Ivy Tech however, is a two year/four semesters Associates Degree in Applied Science with a minimum of two certifications and a minimum of one concentration in order to meet 60 credits.
The courses required for the degree in Clinical Support is; Anatomy and Physiology I and II, English Composition, Introduction to Health Careers, Medical Terminology, a Student Success Elective class, a Quantitative Reasoning Elective, Medical Law and Ethics, Health and Wellness for Life, either Fundamentals of Public Speaking or Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Microcomputers, Nutrition, a Psychology or Sociology course, the rest is four certification electives, and eight concentration electives along with a capstone course. There are 23 different elective courses that can be taken to ensure a wider variety of knowledge. I plan on taking Dosage Calculations, CPR/Basic Life Support, Health Care Support Certifications, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Health and Aging, Loss and Grief, Pharmacology for Health Care Support, Disease Conditions, and Restorative and Rehab Therapy Aide.
There is no specific admission process for the Clinical Support Program at Ivy Tech. There just needs to be a basic Ivy Tech Application submitted to Admissions and that is it! The approximate cost for the program will vary greatly because we all know that inflation is happening at a more rapid pace than ever before. Right now for fall 2013 each credit hour taken is $116.15. For a 12 hour full-time course load that is $1393.80, not including books. The average cost for books and supplies is $39.23 per credit hour based on an average of 13 hours a semester; with that as an average number to stand on, based on a 60 hour degree, the cost for books hovers somewhere around $2353.80. Spring & Summer 2014 tuition rates are going up to...

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