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Career Research Essay.

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Thesis:Since the resent attacks on our country, the State Department has increased the need for Regional Security Officers at American Chanceries. As a young man, I enlisted into the Marine Corps to start my life, because I had nothing. From that time, I have encountered many people and opportunities that have directed me to the point that I am now. I have learned what I want to do with myself and that is to protect and lead what I can to make a difference. I want to protect democracy and our interest over seas so that our way of life will never be tampered with again.This next segment was researched to help me understand and pursue the path I have chosen. The paragraph will cover the different categories of requirements that have to be met. They cover everything from career development, duties, educational requirements, and salary with benefits.Career Research.Since the resent attacks on our country, the State Department has in creased the need for Regional Security Officers at American Chanceries and Consulates. Diplomatic Security Special Agents (DSS) are specially trained Foreign Service security professionals; they are also sworn Federal law enforcement officers. Overseas, as a Regional Security Officer (RSO), they advise ambassadors on all security matters and manage a complex range of security programs designed to protect personnel, facilities, and information. In the U.S., Special Agents protect the Secretary of State and visiting foreign dignitaries, investigate passport and visa fraud, and conduct personnel security investigations.All Special Agents must complete approximately six months of initial training at the Diplomatic Security Training Center in the Washington, DC area and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia. The training program develops and tests proficiency in job related subjects that includes criminal law, federal court procedures, and use of firearms, physical fitness, and personal defensive tactics, driving skills, emergency medical procedures, protective security techniques and criminal investigations. Proficiency is measured through a series of scored practical exercises as well as written subject matter specific and comprehensive written examinations. Failure to complete any aspect of this training is grounds for separation. Special Agents normally will be assigned to one of eight domestic Field Offices or possibly to a small Resident Agent Office.Domestically, Special Agents may be assigned to provide protective services for the Secretary of State, other U.S. officials or visiting foreign dignitaries. Domestic Special Agent duties can entail long hours and extended periods of travel, including overseas travel. Domestic assignments also involve criminal investigations related primarily to the enforcement of statutes protecting the integrity of U.S. passports and entry visa documents. Special Agents may also conduct background investigations for individuals desiring employment with the...

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Career Research Essay

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