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Career Research Paper

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A career is something you will do for the rest of your life. This is something that you should enjoy and be happy about. No matter the salary you must do something you enjoy. A recent poll stated that over 30% of our lives are spent working (What Percentage of our Lives are spent Working?). Another poll posted in the Washington Post said only about 13% of people actually ENJOY going to work everyday (Only 13 percent of People Worldwide actually like going to work). Only 13% like going to work and yet we spent almost a third of our lives doing it. Later in life I don't want to be the 13% so I have chosen to research two careers that I find interesting, these careers are being a high school math teacher and being a criminal investigator. These careers have interested me for a very long time. At one point in life everyone idolizes teachers, this could be when you are little or when you are older like me. Lastly being a criminal investigator seems interesting because of all the CSI shows. Granted I know that this is just television and the real job could never live up to Hollywood's portrayal of it. It still seems like a great and fun career.
Some reasons I think I could be a good high school math teacher is a lot of my personal characteristics follow those a typical teacher will have. These include being outgoing, attentive, a good speaker, a quick learner, and a good listener (Math Teacher (Secondary School)). Characteristics such as these are vital in the success of being a teacher (Secondary School Teacher). They are vital because in order to fully understand how to teach kids you must know what they think and how they come to answers. Being attentive will also help me teach the young adults, this is because I will quickly see if something is wrong in the school environment for all the students. You have to be a good speaker because you are speaking to young adults all day long for a whole school year. Quick learning is a characteristic that is vital because you are always going back to school to earn more credits. Being a quick learner will allow me to be able to able to complete the class and get back to teaching. One of the last qualities I think I will be a good fit for a teacher is being a good listener, this is because of what I see in my own school. Many of my teachers ask their students what their best learning style is and then incorporate that into their everyday styles of teaching.
Some education and training I will be required to have is four years at a college such as the University of Eau Claire, Winona State University, and University of Greenbay.(My Skills my Future). After the completion of their teaching programs and their student teaching, I will need to get my National Board Certification - Mathematics/Adolescence and Young Adulthood. Lastly I will have to get my teaching license. In the process of getting a teaching license you must take a basic skills test, and many more tests such as being tested in your field of...

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