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Career Research Project: Immunologist Essay

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My career choice is immunology. Immunologists have quite meaningful work that saves many lives on a regular basis. This occupation appeals to me because you have opportunities to help people overcome what could be the biggest obstacle they are facing in their life; you get to save lives. Another reason this occupation appeals is a bit science-fiction and silly, but quite understandable if one has an open mind. I believe in an outbreak of a new illness that will change people, warping their minds so that they go on animalistic rampages –much like the cliché zombie apocalypse. I would like to be familiar with discovering anti-viruses so that I could possibly come up with a cure.
I would like this job for numerous reasons. For one, there would be a variety of places to work, different branches to choose from in this career (such as strictly research, clinical, university). Also, the whole idea of being able to be a part of making someone’s life better in some way is simply beautiful. I would be honored to have a job such as this one. And, even though the pay wouldn’t be what was particularly important, the salaries are generally high. The reason I really bring up the salary is that over eighty percent of the college graduates are in dept., so the high salary would help pay that off. There is also the lab work and research, which I believe I would enjoy.
An immunologist’s basic job description is to study and investigate the body’s immune system and how it functions. Also, they use what they have learned to diagnose different diseases and/or disorders. One of their main purposes is to study abnormal immune systems and/or abnormal responses from them. There is lab work to be done and clinical work to be done (mostly, there are still the university teachers). Immunologists who have a preference for less people and more lab work labor in the lab, whereas the people of this career who have advantageous social skills tend to put forth their efforts in a clinical environment. In all placements, the immunologist must be able to handle exposure to fluids of the body (such as blood).
Where you intend to go in this career governs the education requirements. Wherever you intend to go it is helpful to, first of all, have a suitable understanding of computers, electronics, clerical knowledge, management skills, problem solving and communication skills. For a medical immunologist, they initiate their study for this career by taking pre-medical courses such as: chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. Usually they are also earning their bachelor’s degree while taking those courses, too. People intending on this career...

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