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Career Research Project On Law. Includes The History, Educaiton, Benefits, Money. By Mundeazy

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Section I:1. HistoryEven in prehistoric time there were laws. They were passed down to generations by mouth. If someone murdered another person, it weakened the group. The murderer would either be killed, kicked out of the group, or have to take care of the family of the person they murdered. In France during the Middle Ages, it was not uncommon to force an accused criminal to submit to a "trial by combat". The person who was accused of the crime and the person who accused them of the crime fought. The person who lost was held to be guilty.THE LAWS OF ANCIENT GREEKSDRACODraco was hired to write new laws because there were thousands of poor people who could not earn a living because of debts they owed. Draco set up a specific legal system that had courts to deal with all cases. Draco gave people the right to vote who had never been able to vote before. The problems with Draco's laws were that the punishments were too strict. Death was the punishment for almost any crime, even petty theft. Any man who did not have a job, could not vote. If the man with no job was from a foreign country, he was killed. Any law today that is harsh would be called Draconian because of Draco's cruel punishments.SOLANThere seemed to be a revolt forming because of Draco's laws. Solan was hired to make new laws. Solan was a wealthy man and was known for being honest. He traveled to other countries to see what kind of laws the people had there. Solan set up a new government that had a Council and an Assembly. The Council had four hundred members that were elected by people. Citizens who wanted to participate made up the Assembly. The trial by jury Solan created was different than ours today. Six thousand people were selected to be on the jury for one year. The number of jurors in any case was no less than five hundred. Sometimes there were as many as two thousand jurors at a trial. Any person could accuse another person of a crime by putting the charge in writing. The accuser acted as a prosecutor and the man on trial defended himself. The judge and the jurors knew little about the laws though. Men who knew about laws were hired to explain them to the jurors and the judge. In time orators were hired to write speeches about the case and read it to the jury. Orators learned many methods to sway the jury. In effect, they became the lawyer of that day. Solan wrote a complete set of laws that pleased the people. Before he resigned, he had a pledge made from the Atticans that his laws would not change for one hundred years. Solan's laws remained in effect for five hundred years with only certain changes.2. Nature of Work & Working ConditionsA lawyer is a man or woman trained to deal with legal problems of all kinds. Lawyers advise their clients as to their rights and responsibilities under the law. Lawyers protect the interest of their client by taking legal action when the person's life or property is threatened. They also defend their client when action is taken against...

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