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As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to know what I was going to be in the future. When I was young, I would sit and daydream about what I would make of my life. My main goal has always been to help others. Recently, I have become interested in becoming either a Pharmacist or an Athletic Trainer. My great grandmother had Alzheimer’s and was once given the wrong prescription which then greatly affected her health. Since then, I have wanted to become a Pharmacist to prevent that from happening to others. Over my athletic career, I have seen many injuries and have even been the victim of a few. Athletic Trainers are always stepping up to help keep everyone out of harm’s way. My main reason for choosing these is the fact that both are very rewarding and contain memories that would keep me going. I look forward to the satisfaction of knowing that I helped someone or even saved their life. This brings me to my life-altering decision.
Before this assignment, my research skills were not the greatest. I used to base all my research findings on online sources instead of both books and websites. I got by using Wikipedia and things like Wikianswers or Yahoo. I knew my research wasn’t actual research but it was enough to make As. I now realize that with my new knowledge of research skills, I can accomplish much more in my writing. Throughout the research, I gained immense knowledge about my possible careers as well as research itself. I found that book sources are much more reliable, which is what most of my information is based on. From the book I used, I found everything from salary to job availability for each career. There were, however, things I had to rely on internet sources for. These things included in depth schooling routes and the overall job. When I started my search, I began searching the internet for a few reliable sources. After what felt like an eternity, I found four websites that met the standards I had set at the beginning. I then found two career encyclopedias to assist me with the rest of the information I needed. The books and websites complimented each other in a way that I knew all the facts I had were correct. Three days of research later, I gathered all the sources I needed. All the information I compiled made it easier to make my decision on a final career.
Pharmacists are in charge of filling prescriptions and advising doctors on medication selection. They are experts on all medications. But before becoming a Pharmacist, there is a long road to follow. There are many routes to go about schooling. The one I chose was to start with two years for an undergraduate degree in Pre-Pharmacy, then four years of Pharmacy School, followed by an internship, and finally passing a state board exam. After getting certified to start working, I found it is very easy to find a job. This is because the middle aged and older populations are growing, therefore raising the need for medications. Pharmacists normally work forty hour weeks...

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