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Early on in a person's life they begin to develop likes and dislikes. As those feelings and the individual mature, thoughts turn towards jobs and careers. High school begins the actual training, to be followed by college. College is normally the first time a person gears themselves towards their life-long career. But during college, they often get jobs that have nothing to do with their future except pay their way to it. When making decisions about college, the person must chose what they are interested in, who they want to work with, what influence they want to have and other major factors. Often, once in college, a person's personality can change causing their career choice to veer off in varying directions. This can cause the student to change majors and end up with more college hours than they originally planned. After years of training, a person moves out to find the job they've prepared for. With the gift of education, they look for the job they can be happy with for the rest of their working career. Most people don't stay with the same job, they can move up in position, relocate, quit, or get fired. They can change their mind on what they want to do for a living, or they can switch employers. Better yet, they can start a business themselves. But before anything can change, they have to get their original job. This can take a lot of time and a lot of thought. There has to be planning in location, employer, benefits, pay, and you have to actually get the job. It takes many interviews and many choices. Following up and chasing people around is necessary too. But one has to know...

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