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Careers In Anthropology Essay

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Anthropology is the study of human beings, this includes their customs, behavior, clothing, language, and religion. The study has been divided into four different areas; Sociocultural, Linguistic, Archeology, and Biological. These four different cultures all study different areas but they all share the meaning of what it means to be a human. The field of Anthropology is very diverse and covers a large amount of other fields of study and can prepare you for many areas in the work force.
The four subdivisions of Anthropology are diverse and cover a lot of area. Sociocultural, the first subdivision of Anthropology, is the study of people in different cultures or sub-cultures. In this field of study you interview people in different cultures or sub-cultures and compare and develop an understanding. In the subdivision Linguistic, they examine evolution and structures of languages around the world. The next subdivision, Archeology, is the study of artifacts. In Archeology they study material evidence from past cultures, these include; ruins, tools, and pottery. The last subdivision, Biological, is the study and examination of physical evolutionary development.
Deciding you career choice can be an extremely hard choice to make as a young individual. Some things that can help you decide if Anthropology is right for you are the major interests that most of them have. There are many different characteristics that can help you in being and becoming an Anthropologist. Having a remarkable curiosity about the world around us is a very important component, because you are constantly questioning and examining different things. Some other skills would be; research, analytical, oral communication, good writing ability, statistical analysis, and high level mathematical. All of these skills and characteristics can help you become better in the field, but that isn’t all. Having creativity, objectivity, open-mindedness, and diligent in work habits can also help you improve and rise above your competitors.

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