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“Careers in Chemistry”
Though many people fail to realize it, chemistry is a subject essential to everyday life, due to the fact that it is the branch of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed. But what we must understand is that everything in the universe is composed of matter, hence chemistry is necessary in learning more about the world and universe that we live in. There are many careers and fields affiliated with chemistry that people pursue to learn more about the composition of the universe, but for now, let us examine the logistics of three of these careers. These three careers involving chemistry are geochemistry, environmental chemistry, and chemical engineering.
Firstly, geochemists, according to Prospects, study the amount and distribution of chemical elements in rocks and minerals. Geochemists also study the movement of those elements into soil and water systems. The main purpose of geochemistry is to help guide oil exploration, help improve water quality, and develop plans to clean up toxic waste sites. Many of the typical work activities that geochemists take part in are analyzing the age, nature, and components of rock, soil and other environmental samples, conducting sample tests and checks, including gas chromatography, carbon and isotope data, and viscosity and solvent extraction. Most average geochemists are employed by oil and gas companies, consultant firms, and education institutions.
Becoming a geochemist requires rigorous education and training in a variety of fields. For entry-level positions in geochemistry, a bachelor’s level degree is required in many majors, which take up at least four years of study. Many majors of choice of aspiring geochemists include, most commonly, geochemistry, but many other acceptable majors include chemistry, geology, math, physics, and oceanography. When becoming a geochemist, it is not necessary to have a Ph.D., due to the fact that geochemists are most often working in teams with other scientists. After receiving the proper degree in geochemistry, accreditation from professional bodies is needed for development opportunities from organizations, such as the “Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)” and the “Geological Society”.
On average, geochemists make an average salary of $97,700 per year as of May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects that the availability for jobs in the fields of geoscience, especially geochemistry, will grow 21 percent from the 2010 to 2020. The workplace environment for geochemists is considered a relaxed and calm environment, due to the fact that working in teams causes a an informal and friendly working environment, along with a professional atmosphere. But geochemistry requires a lot of research and experimentation outside of the workplace calling for many business related trips. Working as a geochemist for a consulting firm or...

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