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Careers In Choreography Essay

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And a 5,6,7,8! Some people think that choreography is easy, but it is not. Choreographers fabricate routines, teach them, and are constantly trying to adjust those dances until they are impeccable. Choreography is much more than dancing, for the reason that it requires stamina, coordination, the ability to dance for long periods of time, patience, teamwork, and more. However, it is a more enjoyable profession. Choreographers can teach to different age groups, and they can become close to those that they teach or work with. A more appropriate quality of a choreographer is being amiable, for the reason that it is best to harmonize with the dancers. Diligent choreographers tend to always ...view middle of the document...

35). Teamwork is a substantial deal in dance; indeed, a great deal of dances involve being in a group of people, and trust is an important factor (“Dancer” para. 38). Skills such as active learning, learning strategies, monitoring, speaking clearly, active listening, and more are important skills for this career (“Choreographer” para. 6). Balance and coordination are also rather important so that dancers do not fall, mess up, or get the timing wrong (“Dancer” para. 33). They must also have physical strength and stamina; choreographers and dancers have got to be capable of dancing for multiple hours at a time without tiring so easily (“Dancer” para. 37). Choreographers are more successful if they are athletic, for they need to have finer balance, solid sense of rhythm, and physical strength and dexterity (“Dancers” para. 29). Choreography is a physically demanding career; therefore, these people should be able to stay balanced, move often, and not get tired rather easily (“Choreographer” para. 4). Rehearsals are tiring, usually fairly long, and happen daily (“Dancer” para. 3). Choreographers may have a standard workweek, but they must spend time creating new dances and new moves, so they are on the clock a majority of the time(“Dancer” para. 47).
College may not be necessary for choreography, but a high school education is preferred, aside from the experience choreographers learn on the job (“Choreographer” para. 11). The thing is, though, if a choreographer decides to teach elementary schools, high schools, or even colleges, they will, in all likelihood, need a degree (“Dancers” para. 27). Education in music, literature, the arts, and history so they can understand themes and create dances better (“Dancer” para. 6). A choreographer must have a high school diploma or something similar to that (“Dancers” para. 2). Although, it is preferred to have a college degree just in case a choreographer retires early for any reason (“Dancer” para. 7). Quite a few modern dancers take part in after-school dancing programs or summer camps for dancing (“Dancers” para. 25). A majority of choreographers begin their careers as dancers (“Dancer” para. 26).
In May of 2010, the average...

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