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The purpose of this assignment is to give a broader insight into the Information Technology field. The field of Computer Programmers will be one of the careers that you will become more familiarized with in this discussion. Although job titles and descriptions may vary depending on the organization, computer programmers are individuals whose main job function is to write programs according to specifications given. These specific instructions are given by software engineers and system analysts. Also included in this discussion will be articles on the things that we can do help individuals who are less fortunate than us, and how the world of information technology can contribute in impacting the hope of people with disabilities. You will learn exactly what it takes to get started in this career and what everybody who makes this their career choice love about what they do. You will also get an idea of what type of salary to expect once you have graduated.
In order to assist you with your journey into the field of a Computer Programmer, I have prepared step by step instructions that will guide your start toward obtaining a computer programming career.

Career Instructions
• Step 1: Obtain a degree in computer programming, this will enable you to work as a network technician, researcher, software engineer, or in project management and a host of other positions.
• Step 2: Use your writing skills to break into the field of technical or documentation writing. Skilled technical writers are in great demand in the computer programming field. Learning how to do this kind of work is a great skill for programmers to add to their arsenal of abilities in order to work in various departments within a company.
• Step 3: Determine whether you want to design, rather than just program, in the computer field. If so, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from a college or university.
• Step 4: Arrange for on the job training whenever it is offered to you. Work in a Quality Assurance department in a company with a lot of software development.
• Step 5: Consult with seasoned programmers. Ask questions. Most would be happy to share valuable tips that they learned or encountered during their careers.
• Step 6: Pick a programming language or to learn from the multitude out there and then become a master at it.
• Step 7: Plan to write code. Write Web applications, calendars, widgets, and basically anything that can be useful and enhance your marketability. Make this a part of your routine. Make it a habit to debug and design, as these re both necessary skills for pretty much any job in the computer programming field.

Presentation Suggestion: When you are making a presentation to a live audience you should always make sure that you speak clearly and concisely. Make a brief outline of what your discussion will entail. Summarize key points, and use short simple sentences that can be easily understood by your audience.


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