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Careers In It Essay

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Technology related careers are some of most sought after careers today. It is also the industry with the most growth. According to a recent report in US News World Report software developers ranked second and five in the top five IT careers. Salaries have increased by 4.1% for computer science related fields. This is good for anyone considering a career because it gives one hope that they’ll be able to make a good life for themselves in an exciting field.
As a kind of “newbie” in the industry there are several areas that have my interest. With so many options it is hard to pick. What I have found is a position in Atlanta, GA that I would love to have and I do hope there is something ...view middle of the document...

This is right in the middle of the salary range as explained in our textbook in Figure 1 on page 407. In addition, there is a 7-12% bonus that you can earn. If you look at that chart on page 407 you also see this field has a potential 30% growth rate over the next ten years. This is the highest among the jobs listed and this is very good news for me—if I were to look for jobs in this specific sector.
The job is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia. However, you can also move to one of their European offices of their office in Brazil! What an opportunity! All three offices collaborate virtually. While that is not a huge move from Augusta, Georgia (only about 1 ½ hours away) to Atlanta it would still be kind of hard right now as my husband just got a big promotion in a secure county job and it would be very difficult for my daughter to switch schools. We would also be moving away from my husband’s mother. For some this would not be a big deal, but she helps to watch our daughter when my husband works or I’m in school. This would now mean paying for child care for people I do not know very well—if at all. This would be something that would be extremely hard for me to do.
One challenge involved for me is being a woman in the IT field. Despite women in IT being in demand right now it can still be quite hard because unfortunately women are...

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