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Careers In Law Enforcement Essay

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Law enforcement is a very broad idea or world, if you will, that until recently I believed was just made up of police officers and bad people. We, as primitive part-time sociologists or, better yet, part-time people watchers, could suppose that this aspect of thinking dates from years of watching television as a teenager and knowing only what Hollywood portrays law enforcement to be. Presumably, that is the catchall excuse for why most individuals’ assumptions are the way they are. Eventually, however, we grow up, mature, and begin to rationalize the way the world works. I hope that the vast majority of people realize that we do not live in Hollywood and that not all types of law enforcement represent a formidable, action-packed Terminator movie. Although law enforcement is fundamentally good guys versus bad guys, we know that there is a definite and obvious spectrum of categorical differences to within this field. Let us specifically investigate the career paths of Loss Prevention, Game Warden or Conservation Agent, and United Stated Marshals Service.
Until sitting down to contemplate all the options open to me as a prospective employee of this new world, I really had no idea of the sheer vastness of law enforcement; it is very hard to grasp without the assistance of research. Research assists in finding that fairytale career match for those interested in law enforcement. The phrase “law enforcement” should be a good hint that there more to this field than many people realize; law enforcement goes beyond the idea of police officers enforcing the laws set in place by the governing persons and bodies we elect. Because of my recent large amount of research, I have seen a multitude of potential new doors to walk through in my law enforcement career; there are several possibilities in this field that I had not considered and to which I may choose to devote my time and passion.
Even though it is now apparent that law enforcement has an extensive number of avenues to explore, one thing has become a substantial reoccurring factor throughout the world of law enforcement. Public relations is becoming more and more pertinent within law enforcement because of the need for employees of departments nationwide to communicate with individuals on a personal level on a day-to-day basis.
In my understanding of “old-school coppers,” you, as a member of law enforcement, did not give the public a chance to speak. A statement from an academy instructor whose name I cannot remember was this The person (most often man) with the badge was who had the card to speak; that is just how things were. Now, we see more and more that everyone, even accused criminals, has the opportunity to dispute and analyze what is said by law enforcement officials. With the outspoken demeanor of the public comes the obligation of law enforcement to use different methods of enforcing the law while continuing to uphold all the constitutional rights of individuals within the...

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