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Do you know what sociology is about? By definition sociology is the study of society, social institutions, and social relationships. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Definition of Sociology. Sociology is not based on philosophical assumptions, but instead based on experimentation and measurement. Sociology is a field that you should be highly specialized in only one area. We see sociology everyday wherever we go we interact with society. Basically typical sociologist is a very curios person; curiosity is the main tool of a good sociologist. Usually sociologists work in offices, laboratories or libraries. What will you study in sociology classes? If you choose career in sociology you will be studying about people, their behavior, eating habits, communication style, how they work and live. If you like to deal with people, do researches, read books, teach people you should consider career in sociology. Requirements for a good sociologist are to be open minded, to be able to judge situations critically, to have good communication skills. Sociologists are always interviewing people and interacting with their societies. Here are the most popular careers in sociology: Counselor, Psychologist, Administrative Support, Management, Teacher, Sales (Marketing), Social Science (Researcher). People who chose their major in sociology are pretty satisfied. In 2005, 71.6% of people with major in sociology said that they were very satisfied with their choice, 27.4% said that they are somewhat satisfied and only 1% said that they were not satisfied at all. (Roberta Spalter-Roth and Nicole Van Vooren. What are they Doing with a
Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology?
When student decides what major he wants to be in, he asks himself three the most important questions: “Will I find a...

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