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Careers In The Medical Field Essay

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Medical Scientist
Medical Scientists conduct research on human diseases to improve human health. They could be part of the development of a new product, engage in a clinical investigation along with many more activities. These activities would include you carrying up to 20lbs., but regularly only 10lbs, wearing protective gear and being exposed to hazardous circumstances. You will also be standing and inside most of the time.
Before you can do those activities you first have to go through schooling. The schooling includes getting your high school degree through receiving your doctorate degree. If you are planning on administering gene therapy and/or drugs to human patients or even doing anything medical related such as drawing blood, you will have to be a licensed physician. To do this you will have be a graduate of medical school, pass a test to receive your license and complete a 1 to 7 year of medical education.
There are skills that go along with your education and others you simply have or you don’t that will be necessary to do this profession well. You will have to have decent listening, writing, reading comprehension, speaking, mathematics, science, critical thinking, active learning, and monitoring skills. You will also have to have a high level of skill in analyzing and interpreting life science data, collecting and recording medical information, explaining life science concepts, operating computers to record and analyze life science data. Operating medical diagnostic equipment, and researching life sciences.
After you finish your schooling your entry hourly wage will be around $23.96 ($49,837 annually.) Once you gain experience your hourly wage could be about $41.38 (86,070 annually.)
There is a down side for this job. There isn’t as much growth in this profession as in other occupations.
Even though the outlook isn’t the best out there it doesn’t deter me. I think job I could handle and enjoy a job as a medical scientist. I’m confident that I have most of the skills that will be necessary for this job if I so choose to farther look into this profession and the rest of those skills I can learn though the schooling I will have to take.

Anesthesiologists mainly administer anesthetics, but do many other things such as: monitor the patient looking for reactions or complications with the anesthesia, record amount of anesthetics given to the patient, examines patient before surgery, obtains medical history before surgery, positions patient on operating table for their comfort as well as accessibility for the surgeon and they decide when patients have recovered enough to leave the hospital. Anesthesiologists also order lab tests, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures before and after surgery.
When doing everything I just mentioned you will need certain skills like high levels of reading comprehension, active listening, writing, speaking, mathematics, science, critical thinking, active learning,...

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