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What are the three stages that caregivers typically pass through? Explain each stage and examine which stage you may be in.
As caregivers we go through at least three stages relating to parents. Caregivers can expect to go through these stages when they start working with children. Caregivers need to have some type of relationship with the parents of the children they are caring for. Therefore, the caregivers must interact with the child as well as the parents. Relationship between parents and caregivers are important because they deal with each other often.
Stage one is the Caregiver as Savior. This caregiver decides to take things in his or her on hands. This caregiver doesn’t take to communicate with parents about decisions. “They make their own decisions about what to do for the child without consulting parents as to their goals and desires”(Gonzalez-Mena & Eyer, 2009, p310). For instance, one of the new caregivers decided to allow one of the students into the school Holiday dance without asking the parents. The caregivers desired to have all the children participate in the dance. But, the caregiver didn’t inform the parents of the decisions she made.
Stage two of Parent-Caregiver Relations is caregivers as superior to parents. During the Superior to parent stages caregivers realize they are not permanent in a child’s life. The caregivers know that they have a child for a certain part of the day and that they are with their parents permanently. In this stage caregivers may still feel as if they are substitutes when the parents are not there. For example, the caregiver influenced the children to do well in all their classes; the caregiver also knows that the parent will influence the child to do the same things. “They may influence children for part of the day while the child is in childcare, but the parents are predominant and permanent force in the child’s life” (Gonzalez-Mena & Eyer, 2009, p.310).
The last stage of Parent-caregiver relations is caregivers as partner to parents and families. During this stage caregivers are there to help support parents. The caregiver understand that they are there to help the parents and child. Caregivers in this stage understand that it is important to communicate. “This stage brings on a mutual relationship in the caregiver and parent communicate openly, even when conflicts arise”(Gonzalez-Mena & Eyer, 2009, p.311). Therefore, the parents and caregivers work together to take care of the child.

If parent education doesn’t involve formal lessons, what does it involve? Explain how you would keep parents informed and expose them to aspects of child development.
Communication is important for parents to understand how children develop. Parent education is getting parents involved with their child....

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