Caribbean Music And The Effects Of It On Life Today Essay

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Caribbean music in a new mode developed from a mix of different styles of music although with a miniscule modification of meaning. This was the breakthrough to the making of their own musical style. The foreigners that were enslaved at this time contributed to the creation of the music since the ethnicities combined their tastes in order to make one that is their own. Globalization also had an immense role in the making of Caribbean music, because all the indigenous cultures that came together through factors that were out of their control. They all had one idea and that the desire to express the type of music that they feel. They were determined to show their creation and did this by contributing to festivals and by that they showed the world what they created. Some of Caribbean musical themes were cultural affirmation, aspiration to freedom and resistance to oppression which were expressed in rituals such as Vodou, Santeria, Candomble, Kumina, or Shango.


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