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Caring For Drunks In The Hospital Setting

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Alcohol is a heavily abused drink in the United States as well as other countries . Its abuse spans a wide demographic ranging from young adolescents to the elderly. Alcohol abuse is commonly called binge drinking and is defined as having five or more drinks during one sitting, heavy alcohol abuse is when this happened 12 or more times a year (Donnelly, Kent-Wilkinson, and Rush, 2013). According to these authors some definitions of binge drinking give different classifications based on sex. Binge drinking is a concern to nurses and other heath care professionals as it can be the cause to many underlying disorders, which can lead to life threating situations.
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, 2013). The many underlying effects binge drinking can have on a users body is not the only way it causes harm. Alcohol abuse can also lead to impaired judgment, which can place the user at a greater risk for injuries and harmful situations.
Caring for Binge Drinkers
Alcohol poisoning is often treated with alternative methods, but contrary to most situations the user needs emergency medical attention to properly evaluate and treat the individual. The nurse’s first assessment, as with most patients, should be to take vital signs and determine any abnormalities (Donnelly, et al., 2013). These authors state that patients with alcohol poisoning must be promptly assessed for trauma, due to the high rate of injuries with alcohol abuse. The patient also should be assessed for blood levels of other mind-altering drugs. While assessing the individual their blood glucose need to be evaluated as alcohol poisoning can lead to hypoglycemia along with other metabolic disorders (Donnelly, et al., 2013). In most cases the patient will also be dehydrated and should be treated as needed. In no case should a patient with alcohol poisoning be...

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