Caring For The Future Essay

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Caring for the futureFor those who care about my future, and even for the ones who don't: we cannot keep on doing what we normally do as we live our normal lives. Our world is slowly fading away, or in the future, completely gone. Think about the consequences of the life of our children, the children of your children and the people of my future. How are we going to sustain everything we have done today to all the future generations? Who do we blame? Who is responsible for the future of my planet and the continuation of life? If you ask me, I'd say it is my fault. Not only mine, but almost every human on earth. Because we are the ones that chose the government, and they have the power.I say that our individual attitude and selves are one of the reasons why the sustainability of the environment isn't as great to keep it eternally. I think the government is responsible for what we think of. They are supposed to influence others into what is right, and show us what we are supposed to do. People who care more about the environment are the ones who decide whether to recycle, reuse, and take responsibility. They try to come up with different solutions for the world and defend nature. But those who don't, don't mind nature, those are the ones that don't actually know what is going on with the world. And the government is responsible for supporting campaigns and activities that involve showing the people who don't care, about what they should care."Choices that seem personal are often part of much larger issues…. When the choices made by millions of people are added together, each persons actions can make a difference." People say that they aren't responsible for what goes on in planet earth....

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