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Caritas Australia And Oasis: Programs Against Poverty

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Around the world,, there are those who don’t have access to food, shelter or even clothes. Although most people wouldn't lift a finger to help the situation, the work of Caritas, Oasis and the Brotherhood of St. Laurence has a major impact on the lives of these people and although they may come from different denominations, they still work towards a common goal: helping all those in need. Their work reflects the teachings of the New Testament as well as the Catholic Social teachings, this essay will have a look at how they do that.

The work that Caritas Australia does, mainly addresses the issue of poverty. They believe that poverty is a direct link to a lack of education in young children, ...view middle of the document...

Caritas Australia tries their best to follow the CST, in particular the principle of the common good, which reflects the idea that we are all responsible for each other and we must work together to ensure have everyone has their basic needs. Caritas Australia does this by giving special treatment to development programs which require collaboration with different parts of society to promote the principle of the common good, which requires the sharing of resources. They bring communities together and their work spreads to all around the world, meaning nations must work together to help fulfil common goals.

The youth support network, Oasis was established when the Salvation Army responded to youth homelessness in the Sydney Area. They discovered that there are a total of 44,083 homeless youth all across Australia and on any given night, they provide food and shelter for 100 of these kids. Not only does the Salvation Army provide basic needs for youth in crisis but also assist them in building the foundations for a better future. Oasis’ Pathways Program assists in helping prepare these youth for the workplace by enriching life skills, social interaction and personal development. When they graduate, these kids are then offered employment from Oasis business partners such as Woolworths and Mirvac, Oasis also offers Employment coaches to those who graduate for up to 6 months, to ensure that there is a smooth transition for these youth into the work life. Their work relates to the bible passage: Whoever shuts their ears to the...

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