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Carl Vine, one of Australia’s most proclaimed composers, was born in Perth on 8th October 1954. He moved to Sydney in 1975 and joined the Sydney Dance Company as a rehearsal pianist. During this time he composed for a string quartet, orchestra and electronics. He also worked with Graeme Murphy the then artistic director of the Sydney Dance Company. He composed over 20 scores for dance, he has also composed six symphonies, six concertos, music for film, television and theatre, electronic music and numerous chamber works. He is primarily a composer of ‘classical’ dance and modern ‘art’ music. He composed Australia’s first full-length ballet, with Graeme Murphy. Also, he composed music for the closing ceremony of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, as well as arranging the Australian National Anthem. He has worked with Gidon Kremer, Kremerata Baltica, Katia Skanavi, Tokyo String Quartet, and the Elias String Quartet, all for Musica Viva’s National Concert Series. He is the Artistic Director of Musica Viva and the Huntington Estate Music Festival, Australia’s most prestigious and successful chamber music festival.In 1980, he was a lecturer in Electronic Music Composition at Queensland Conservatorium and the co-director and pianist of the performing ensemble ‘Flederman’. In 1984 he was the Musical director of the Australia/New Zealand Choreographic School and later on a resident composer of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.In 2005, he was awarded with the 2005 Don Banks Music Award, which recognises artists who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to Australian Music. Some of his most famous works are the Cello Concerto, premiered by Steven Isserlis and the Sydney Symphony, which won Best Performance of an Australian Composition, Mythological (2000) and Piano Sonata (1990). He is said to be the largest chamber music entrepreneur in the world. `The melodies in Semplice by Carl Vine are quite simple yet effective. They are a simple upwards stepwise motion. The notes are close together in the right hand accompanied by a more stretched out contrary motion style left hand melody, after this, the next bar becomes are more responsive style melody in both hands, nearly always in synchronisation with each other. They melody is not varied throughout, but has slight changes in pitch.The harmonies are well developed in the piece. The piece is in the key of G major, so it is based around this key and is well connected and developed to create a pleasing and soothing sound for the listener.The main types of...

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