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Carnegie’s Prescription For Eliminating Worry: A Book Review

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Carnegie’s Prescription for Eliminating Worry: A Book Review

Carnegie’s Prescription for Eliminating Worry: A Book Review


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is a literary creation by Dale Carnegie that was first published in 1944. Carnegie became one of the foremost authorities on self-help issues of the twentieth century. Carnegie was inspired to write due to his own disappointments in his personal and professional life. Ironically, his disappointment served to inspire him to write what is now considered to be one of the most important self- help books of our time.
The Culture and Biological Basis for Worry
What is stress? Physiological stress represents a wide range of physical responses that occur as a direct result of a stressor causing an interruption in the natural balance of a human body. When such a disruption occurs, either psychological or physical, the equilibrium in the body responds by stimulating the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and the human immune system. The reaction of these systems causes a number of physical changes that have both short and long term effects on the body. Members of the healthcare and Allied Helping Professions have devoted the last three decades to researching the specific short and long term effects of stress and the effects on the human body. This has led to highly specialized stress appraisals and the development of sophisticated coping techniques in all disciplines of the healthcare industry. Recent innovations have focused on the fact that stress impacts everyone in different ways, and that individual differences must be factored into the treatment milieu. Research continues to explore the correlation between the Endocrine system and the HPA axis, while healthcare professionals focus on the behavior of the autonomic nervous system, and responses that are encoded in the human brain as a result of repeated or prolonged stress. One of the most common issues spanning the heightened interest level of professionals and laypersons is the strong correlation between stress and depression.
Past Innovations, Present Applications
The Healthcare Industry has focused significant attention to the issue of stress, and members of the helping profession have initiated a vast array of therapeutic scenarios and approaches to assist clients in multiple situations in which stress negatively impacts an individual’s health. Self-care and self-help techniques span all forms of health care to include Ayurveda and Alternative medicine, with one common goal…to help individuals cope with and alleviate stress and its negative effects. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is a timeless classic and a must read, because it was written in easy to understand language with fundamental facts that everyone should know about worry and offers techniques on how to understand the source of worry. Carnegie offers suggestions on how the reader can...

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