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In 1891, a German zoologist named Karl Semper introduced the concept of a food chain, a process that is requisite for all living creatures. The chain consists of different levels. On the bottom are plants, then herbivores, the animals that eat plants. Next are carnivores, animals that eat other animal species, and the last are the animals that eat carnivores. The chain tends to overlap due to animals that eat more than one kind of food. Some people choose to be carnivores, while others choose to be herbivores due to the feeling that it is wrong to eat another living being. Humans are usually thought of as the superior animals on the Earth and living in modern society many nutritious foods are provided, especially meat. Some people choose to live herbivorous lifestyles due to moral and ethic reasoning, which can easily result in malnutrition as well as health risks that could have easily been avoided had they eaten carnivorously.
Going through life as carnivores, most people do not feel as though it is immoral due to the food chain. They are simply eating what is right to maintain proper nutrition and remain healthy. It is understandable that people do not eat meat due to animal cruelty, love of animals, morals, and ethical reasoning, but in reality, they are just robbing themselves of the proper nutrients. Vegetarians are likely to come across many negative health risks that meat eaters are less likely to come across. By not eating meat, vegetarians are prone to pernicious anemia due to vitamin B deficiency, which can seriously interfere with the production or red blood cells within bone marrow. Other health problems include iron deficiency, animal-protein deficiency, and vitamin D deficiency, as well as having low levels of zinc, which is needed to produce proteins. Eliminating such vital nutrients, herbivores resort to fortified and enriched foods which are unnatural and processed to provide what can be obtained naturally by diet changes.
Meat eaters are not only less likely to suffer similar deficiencies within their diet, but generally have an overall healthier diet. There are many health benefits that come along with a carnivorous diet. The raw meat itself contains many amino acids that our bodies cannot make, meaning we can only obtain them through food or vitamins. The amino acids are needed to help keeps skin healthy as well as increase immunity. Other benefits include the health mentions above that are difficult to obtain through herbivorous diets, such as maintaining the proper balance of iron, vitamin D, as well as many other vitamins and proteins. Although it is not ideal for some people, eating meat is generally a healthier path in terms of allowing the body to receive the proper nutrients necessary.
Chickens are not only one of the most healthy and nutritious birds, but the world's most populous birds. While in Hawaii I learned many interesting facts that contributed against my guilt of eating meat. ...

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